Saturday, March 24, 2007


Have you ever wanted to just really really REALLY scream but you knew it wouldn't be very polite? We got to the SoS office building yesterday at a little after 4 (they close at 5). The security gueard asked where we were headed and we told him, to which he responded that the office had moved. To another building 2 blocks away. So we hoofed it over a couple of blocks and found the new office. We got there a little bit before 4:30 and went to sign in, only to see a sign that read:

"No notary services today."

Hmph. That was about the point I was ready to scream. Why is this so hard? They asked if we could come back on Monday. No, we can't come back on Monday. Maybe Tuesday, we're trying to figure it out. We could have left some of the documents for apostilling, but it's just as easy to give them the whole packet at once. So at some point in time, we'll be going down again for apostilles. I guess the nice thing is that we still don't have our HS addendum (should be arriving in the mail today I think) so that one was going to need to be done anyway.

On the plus side, the weather is great this weekend. Nice and warm, which means I can open up the house and do some spring cleaning. :) And bake more bread. :) :)

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Jane said...

Make the most of all this free time while you can. Where is my bread? I guess I just don't live that close to you!!!!