Friday, June 15, 2007

Excitement for the technology-challenged

We are really only technology-challenged in the fact that we don't have much technology. No Ipods, no Tivo, no microwave, no dishwasher (okay I know it's not really technology but...). And that we couldn't figure out how to use an MP3 player when we were baby-sitting. *sigh* We're going to need kids soon to help us navigate this new world. ;)

So the most exciting thing this week was we got new cell phones! Same phone number, so those of you who have the number(s) are still good. We had a small problem getting them activated since the number is a Michigan number and we are in St Louis (Missouri, not Michigan. There is actually a St Louis, Michigan. We were there for a wedding.). I had to call Verizon and lo and behold I spoke to someone who was completely understandable AND was able to fix the problem. :) A rare occurance in customer service these days, it seems.

You have no idea how behind the times we really are. Our new phones are not Blackberries, they're not Razrs, they're not Chocolates...but they are actually flip phones. :) :) These are the first flip phones we've had, and so far they are fantastic. We got the LG VX5300. Ooohh, and we got them for free since we've been with Verizon for so long. Of course, we just signed another two years of our lives away.

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