Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pizza for me

Yesterday was our 8-year anniversary! Mark picked me up from work and asked what I wanted to do for dinner:

Me: "I really want Pizza House." (a pizza place in East Lansing, MI, with great Chicago-style pizza)
Mark: "Well, if we left when you finish work on Friday, we could be there by 9pm..." (it's about an 8-hour drive)

Yeah, we really did consider it. We would also be the people who drove 1.5 hours to Detroit for dinner and 3 hours to Chicago for lunch while we were living in Michigan. After living in Texas you just get used to driving long distances to go anywhere. :)
We ended up deciding to try a pizza place here in town (maybe a mile from us) that has been highly recommended--Black Thorn Pub, on Wyoming west of Grand. It was fantastic!! During the 30-minute wait for our pizza (we got Chicago-style, of course) we plotted out things to get done on the house and which things we need to do first. Then we dug into our 9 lb pizza. Yes, you read that right. Nine pounds...and oh was it good. We both ate over 2 lbs of pizza last night. I can't believe we didn't get sick. It was an awesome anniversary dinner. :) :)

And the new house has a new shower head--and a garbage bag taped over the missing tiles in the shower. I'm hoping to post some pics soon. We're making progress slowly but surely...


Julie said...

8 hours isn't too bad. That would have been great! I've never even heard of Pizza House. I'll add it to the list and go there this summer.

Missy said...

I would have eaten more than I should I have, I'm sure! I am a pizza-a-holic...and it drives my boyfriend nuts. "What do you want for dinner?" he askes..."Pizza sounds good!" I respond, and he just looks at me. :) It wouldn't be that bad except that conversation happens about 3 times a week.