Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where are we?

Mark's been busy working on the house, and I've been busy working on, well, work. :) He has been demolishing like mad, but carefully. He's not allowed to work on the walls or ceilings upstairs by himself (we're a little afraid of a plaster collapse, and that stuff is heavy).
We sat down last night to make a to-do list for Ukraine, but it really seems like there's not that much big stuff to do. We've still got to contact the banks to get cash and I need to confirm our flights, but other than that we seem to be pretty much set. Of course, we've also been preparing for this for almost 3 years. ;) We already have plans for the dogs and everything is set up (I think) at work. Most of the rest of the things we would like to do, but if they don't get done it wouldn't really impact anything (except maybe my stress level when we get home). So we're tackling a few little things here and there. We've still got to get car seats, but we're going to wait to do that until right before we leave so if there's any problem we can still take them back when we get home (Target has a very limited return policy).
In the meantime, we've got a band concert tomorrow night at 7:30pm (free! if anyone's in the area!) and we'll keep demolishing the house!


Jane said...


A suggestion. If you can have someone buy car seats for you (maybe whoever is picking you up at the airport), pick out what you want at Target and then get them to buy them for you when you know exactly what you need.


Tami said...

You're making me look bad. You're rehabbing a house, working full time and you still don't have a long 'To Do' list.
Here, I've been through this process three times before and I've got a list a mile long! :) Of course, I think it's probably the procrastinator in me and the fact that Meshack is a perfectionist, who brings things out of the woodwork to do. He has things on our list like 'Change the furnace filter' and 'Find someone to shovel snow for parents while we're gone' on our list. I have a feeling he's going to have to resign himself to not getting the furnace filter changed or the water softner filled! ;)

Julie said...

I like Jane's idea.

Question... are you planning on being in the new house by the time the kids come home?

Nataliya said...

I second Jane's suggestion of asking somebody to buy and install car seats later, when you get your referrals. I love the convertible Brittax Roundabout car seat. We used it as rear-facing first, then switched to forward-facing, and and still fits, even though my daughter is almost 5.

DoveFamily said...

Jane's suggestion is exactly what we're doing. Unless someone gets it off of our registry before we leave, the in-laws are going to take care of that and bring our car to the airport for us when we return.

erin said...

its erin foster ur cousin..just got ur email from grandpa are you guys doing? im doing good...we all should go out to eat sometime cosidering we live pretty close...ttyl
love, erin

Joy Rae said...

HI Mark and Courtney:

I found your blog site (don't ask how!) through all my researching! I have been to many sites trying to find others that are traveling around the same time as us. My husband and I leave for Ukraine on November 12th for an SDA appt on the 14th.

Just wanted to say good luck, and we may just see you guys over there!!

Ken and Joy Rae
Queen Creek, AZ