Monday, October 29, 2007

Dreams and awakenings

Friday night I had my first dream about our SDA appointment.
We were ushered into a small room with three tables. There was already another couple there meeting with their SDA worker and interpreter. We were told we would need to wait a few minutes for the interpreter, so we sat down at one of the tables with our SDA worker and waited. We listened to the other couple's discussion (not adoption related, as I recall) and waited patiently. After some time, we were told that we would need to come back later. It wasn't a bad thing--it seemed to be for something like lunch and we just needed to return in a couple of hours. Our SDA worker was smiling and very friendly, and as we were getting ready to leave she was walking out with us and carrying our folder. Paper-clipped to the folder were three pictures of sibling sets, each with two children. The first two I saw were both boy-girl siblings, but for both of those one of the siblings was much older than we can accept (by US requirements based on our HS). I can't remember the third picture, but I think it was two girls. So we happily left knowing that we would come back soon and see the profiles for those sibling sets. However, once we got outside I realized we had brought NO MONEY to Ukraine!! NONE--we had no cash with us, not even $20. Can you tell what's been stressing me out?? ;)

On Saturday I went to the bank to discuss our money needs with them. We will need to take a significant amount of cash in relatively new bills (clean, not ripped, no marks). It's a pretty large withdrawal and we may be monitored by the government for it since they want to make sure we're not funneling money to terrorists. We're not, unless you count 2- and 3-year-olds terrorists, and some people might. ;) The woman at the bank was fantastic and they're going to do everything they can to help us. So check another thing off of the list! :) :)


Joy Rae said...

Hey there! I have not had the dream of being in Ukraine with no money, but I have had some crazy ones! Especially as it gets closer, nothing else occupies my mind except the millions of questions flooding my head. I dream about our SDA appt and walking down the narrow hallway everyone talks about and then being shown files of children available....everything will work out though!!

Joy Rae

Leslie said...

Oh, you're definitely getting ready for the trip! I had te same anxiety dreams leading up to ours. Don't worry; you're going to be great!

Tami said...

I haven't had the dreams yet...but I know they're coming. They always do! :) Your dream sounds like the college final exam know, the one where you find out on the last day of school you have a final for a class you don't remember even registering for! :)

BTW - You're on! Although I have a feeling Mark will finish his 'to do' list before we do. Shad keeps adding things to our list! :)

DoveFamily said...

I had a money-related dream, too... we needed to exchange $5,000 for new bills. One of our online adopting friends (Melissa E.) said they had it and we exchanged - then got home & found out that it was fake money. Crazy, I know! :) I just realized that I forgot to tell Melissa about it!

Christine said...

Wow, I would consider that a nightmare! :)

I'm sure it will be the most exciting experience next to actually meeting your children.