Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It started off as a small hole. I thought one of the dogs had been digging. Then, a day later, Mark commented on the "sinkhole" in the backyard. :) Yes, it is indeed a sinkhole. He went out to look at it and it was really deep and wide. So yesterday our landlord had a guy out to scope the line. Turns out our sewer line is no longer connected at all. Any water going out the line goes straight into the ground. The boys are going to be really excited when they see the backhoe that will be digging up our yard. :) There's a plumber here right now looking to see what needs to be done. And again, I'm so thankful we're renting. I don't mind doing repairs, but repairs of this scope on two houses might push my limits.

Yesterday Dima had a bathroom accident at school. I don't mind that he had an accident, but it is so frustrating to not be able to have him tell me what happened. All I get is "Mama, school toilet pants". At this point, he doesn't have enough Russian left to tell me what happened in Russian either. It's frustrating for him and me that he can't communicate. We think we know what happened, but it would be so much easier if he could tell us.

Dima finished breakfast early on Monday (a minor miracle, that) and I told him he could go play while he waited for Zhenya to finish. He said "no play, Mama, school!" with a worried look on his face. That boy does love his school--so much so that he'd rather go to school than play at home.


Diana said...

Oh joy on the sewer. YUCK!!

Oh yes, the boys will love the backhoe, though. Our neighbors through the fence have been working on remodeling their house for several months now. My boys have been literally mezmerized by all the equipment. They love to go out and perch themselves on the swings and watch for hours. I'll be glad for them when their house is finally done, but really bummed for me when the free entertainment ends.

Bathroom issues--all I can say is UGH!!! We STILL deal with this on a daily basis at our house. It didn't used to be that way, but it seems the more he progresses in one area, the more he regresses in others...especially toileting. May you be blessed with a one-time only incident. It is incredibly frustrating!!! I'm hoping OT can help him with this.

Anonymous said...

Mark and Courtney,
Good luck with getting the line to the sewer reconnected. It takes about a day for it to all get taken care of. Ours went out while the day we brought our baby home.

It sounds like the boys are making quite a bit of progress.

Kristin L.