Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to school night

Tonight was back to school night for 1st grade and up at the kids' school. Originally, I had planned to take Dima with me but he was so wound up (excited about school starting) and so tired that we decided it was better for him to get a good night's rest before the first day of school.
I'm glad I didn't take him, especially since only a few of his classmates were there.

It went fine, but the first part was in the auditorium where the administration went over some rules about cell phones and so on, and some of the parents went nuts! That part took longer than it should have because of a lot of unnecessary questions that are completely irrelevant to the actual learning process.

Then I got to meet Dima's teacher. I've seen her before since it's a small school and there is usually only one class per grade, but I hadn't actually met her. She's stern but has a great laugh, so I think she'll be perfect for Dima. I emphasized that although he has speech apraxia it does not affect his comprehension. She also says she does not tolerate laziness. We may never find a more perfect teacher for Dima. :) :)

I also warned her about his fingers, and told her that while we wouldn't send him to school with his gloves on that they would be in his backpack and she could ask him to put them on if she needed to (i.e., if he's bleeding all over everything).

I'm currently rounding up school supplies and making sure everyone is set for the first day.

Now if I could just get the butterflies out of my stomach! LOL

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Sarah Halter said...

I just spent a little while catching up and it sounds like things are going really well! I hope today was a great first day.