Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on school

The kids had a great first few days of school!

Zhenya and Danielle's first day on Thursday was a half day so Mark picked them up at 11. Danielle didn't want to come home--she wanted to stay at school! :) She was very excited that she got to stay all day on Friday. Her favorite part of school? The swings.

Zhenya was excited as he didn't lose any "apples" (for poor choices) in kindergarten the first day and a half. He got to pick a prize out of his teacher's treasure chest since he kept all of his apples "all" week. He picked a minipack of Starburst (with two pieces) and he shared one with Dima.

Emily stayed dry all day Thursday and Friday at preschool, and Saturday and Sunday at home and while running errands--no accidents for four days! While I know she'll still have accidents on occasion, I think we can officially say that she's potty trained now. Woohoo!! Emily now has her own backpack as well as she kept trying to steal everyone else's in the morning. We tried it on today and she didn't want to take it off.

Dima is still having a great time in first grade. He really likes it and says that his teacher is "so funny, Mama!" He says they have to work hard but they're having a lot of fun too. We've had a fair share of meltdowns from him the past couple of days, but we're making good progress with him working on using his words instead of wailing. Some of the meltdowns are due to being tired/overstimulated, and some are just due to trying to figure out how everything works again. Thankfully he only melts down for us and not at school (I'm hoping that continues!).


BT said...

My (non-adopted) niece used to have terrible meltdowns at the start of first grade -- for about the first month. We all attributed it to how tiring the school day was compared to what kindergarten had been like. It seemed like she kept it together through the school day but that required so much energy that she had none left to control herself once she got home. The meltdowns generally stopped about a month into the school year. Our two (adopted) sons have both passed through the transition from half-day kindergarten to full-day grade 1, and while they didn't meltdown on us (any more than usual!) we did notice how TIRED they were for the first couple months of their grade 1 years. They would be falling into their dinner plates with exhaustion.

Bethany said...

A.J. has had trouble with the first two months of school every year so far (K-2). Hopefully 3rd grade will be a little shorter, but I don't think it will be. He's already pouty about the workbooks we ask him to do during the summer (a page a day!) We'll see. Sounds like all is going great for you all!