Thursday, November 26, 2009

A funny conversation

Alex: How do you get to go up in space?
Mark: You have to go to college for a long time.
Alex: Oh...I've been to college.
Mark: You have? Do you even know how to spell "college"?
Alex: Nooo...but I can spell "cat"...C-A-T. ...And I can spell "dog"... D-O-G.
Mark: Well, you should be all set.


Amanda Jones said...

Oh I love it! Too cute!

Adopting "Little One"

Marsha said...

Kids are s funny! You will be so very glad you have this record of their early years ... Hope you and yours had a happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany said...

haha! He's such a smarty. I'll look for him as an astronaut in a couple of decades.