Monday, November 23, 2009


Kind of left you hanging there, didn't I? I didn't realize it's been a week since I posted. :)

We been having lots of family time which has been great. This weekend was the boys' end-of-year soccer party. We held it in the skating rink of the church associated with their school and everyone had a great time! Obviously, this was the first time the girls had ever been on roller skates and the second time for the boys. Alex can skate independently! He doesn't even need to hold on to the wall. I was SO impressed. Skating requires quite a bit of focus for balance and motor planning (not his strong suits with the apraxia although he doesn't have global apraxia) so it was amazing to see him so comfortable on skates. Tim would have done well on the skates except he's a ham so he prefers to wave his arms in the air, shout "WHOOOAAAA!" all the time and fall down a lot. Silly boy.

The girls liked the skates but weren't particularly coordinated on them. :) Danielle spent most of the time going around hanging on to someone (most of the adults kept our shoes on to make it easier to help the kids) but had a good time. She really liked it when she figured out she could skate/walk on some mats in the middle of the rink. Then it wasn't as slippery and she had padding when she fell down! :) Emily had a hard time keeping her feet on the floor, but she liked it so I think she'll do much better the next time she skates.

Most of the other kids there (first grade boys) also hadn't been on skates but maybe once before so everyone was on even footing. That was nice, and it was nice to see Alex succeeding at something some of his classmates were struggling with. He doesn't get to experience that very often and I hope we can find more areas where he can "see" success.

This was a really nice way to do this since we wouldn't normally take the girls to a skating rink this soon since they're usually pretty loud and crowded. This one is small (in the basement of the church) and there were only about 20 of us there total so there was lots of room and not too much noise (other than Tim!).

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Michelle said...

What timing - Andre also tried skates this weekend for the first time! He borrowed the neighbor's pair and skated outside in the alley, holding on to us. He did pretty well, considering, but it was so funny when he'd start to lose balance, and both those little legs would start to go like crazy in a panic! Sounds like your kids did great. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!