Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It wasn't much of a Thanksgiving to speak of. :) We are going to visit family over the weekend so we didn't plan an elaborate dinner for Thursday (or really any dinner at all).

We did a LOT of yardwork in the morning. Danielle apparently loves to haul bricks, so she spent a couple of hours picking up brick pieces and putting them in a bucket. She'd let Mark know when it was full so he could empty it then she'd go right back to filling it up again! The other kids helped with pulling weeds and taking them to the dumpster behind the house. We had a great time as a family and Tim asked later that afternoon if we could do more yardwork. We had filled the dumpster so it wasn't an option, but I assured him we could do more in a few days. :)

For dinner I pulled out a lasagna I had made at a freezer cooking session with some friends from work. I had just gotten dinner set on the table when Mark announced that he wanted all of us to go outside to watch the space shuttle and international space station go by. I was less than enthused about this idea since dinner was on the table, it was cold outside, and I really didn't think we'd see anything. But we left dinner and trooped outside to stand on the porch. In just a few minutes, we saw them! It was SO cool, and well worth waiting on dinner!

When we went back inside to sit down, I noticed that Emily's lasagna was all gone. I thought wow, I didn't think she'd eaten that much before we went outside when I realized that she hadn't. A certain canine in our house had taken advantage of our few moments' absence and helped herself to Emily's lasagna. Good thing I didn't make a turkey! :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jane said...

Sorry, had to laugh!!!!

Sarah Halter said...

Which one?

Courtney said...

McKinley--the only one that can reach the table without any effort. ;) And boy did she slink around the rest of the evening!!