Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Narrow escape

On Tuesday I got a call from school (which always sets my heart pounding, by the way). They were concerned about Danielle. She was saying that her teeth hurt and they thought she felt warm, but they couldn't get a good temperature reading off of her. She didn't really want to play and didn't eat any of her lunch. Using my so-finely-honed mother's instinct ;), I told them to let her stay at school as long as she didn't have a fever.

They called me back an hour before school was over asking if someone could come get her as they just didn't think she felt well. By the time I could have gotten there I couldn't have gotten her home before I had to pick up the other kids as well, so I said no and that I would pick her up after school (still no fever).

When we got home, she seemed to be fine. A little slower than usual, but I attributed that to the fact that she hadn't eaten. She ate a good dinner and at bedtime she was again complaining that her teeth hurt. I began to suspect that she might be getting her 6-year molars in so I gave her some pain medicine and sent her to bed. She slept like a log and has been fine ever since--other than occasionally complaining that her teeth hurt and pointing to the back of her mouth. I have clarified with her that it's her teeth and not her throat and her throat is not red at all so I'm pretty sure it's really her teeth.

Danielle was just at the dentist in September. They did x-rays then and her teeth look great, so I'm not concerned about decay. I think either her molars are coming in or they're moving around in preparation for coming in. She'll be 6 in February so she's not too terribly early for them.

I was a little worried that we weren't going to be able to dodge the flu, but so far so good! Let's hope we can keep it at bay!


Anonymous said...

I can't imagine not going to pick up my child if she were feeling yucky and needing her mommy...and wouldn't that have gone a long way in making her realize you're always there for her? I guess she needs to realize that you're always there for her...if it's convenient. Priorities!!!!!

The Flying Eagle said...

I hope everyone is doing well!!!! Thanks so much for your call to check in. We are doing surprisingly well. The Lord always delivers strength and wisdom when you ask :-) David is struggling but finding his way in down the right path. The kids are doing well (enough) - please keep Aley in your prayers.

The Flying Eagle said...

Oh my I just ready your first comment from oh-so-brave-ANON. I would have done the same thing - dont let their comment give you a second of doubt!

Marsha said...

I agree Courtney ... there is a difference between "needing Mama" and "manipulating Mama" ... and sometimes the child doesn't realize the difference until it works! I would have and actually HAVE done the exact same thing!!

Courtney said...

No, Anon, Danielle was not feeling yucky. I went on her field trip this past Friday and one of the teachers talked to me after school. They realized they have been doing way too much to help Danielle and when they saw her capabilities when I was around they realized some of the manipulation that has been going on at school.