Thursday, December 10, 2009

A 10-minute fever?

Yesterday I got a call from the preschool that Emily was running a 100.4 degree fever. She also had some drainage from her ear. Her ear has been draining for several days (a result of the tubes in her ears which apparently work very well!) from a mild ear infection but is finally almost done. The infection hasn't seemed to bother her at all and she hasn't been feverish so we've been letting it run its course.

Preschool policy is that with a fever of 100 degrees or above the child must go home so I went and picked Emily up. She was not happy to be leaving school as she wanted to stay and play. :) As soon as we got home I took her temp again with an oral digital thermometer so I'd know if I needed to give her any medicine--98.0. I put her down for a nap since it was preschool nap time too and then took her temp again after the nap--98.2.

She played and laughed and ate and had a great day (we had lots of fun together at home! :)) and I took her temp again at bedtime--98.6.

We haven't given her any medication but I can't understand why the thermometer (a forehead scanner) at school would register over 100 if she's not running a fever.

After talking to the preschool, they agreed to let us send her back today. Normal policy is that they must be fever-free for 24 hours but none of us are convinced that she was actually running a fever. We'll see how she does today!

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Christine said...

Maybe she was hot from running around. That has happened to me.