Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Living large

Sunday afternoon was our fall band concert. Mark and I both play for the Meramec Symphonic Band through Meramec Community College. The wonderful friends of ours who came to sit with the kids asked us how we have time to do this.

We don't.

The original plan was for one of us to play this semester, but then they were desperate for another euphonium so Mark ended up playing too. It's too hard to get babysitters every Thursday night, so we alternate rehearsal nights and then beg people to come sit with the kids at the concert. :) The kids love the music and usually do really well...plus they get bribed with cookies after the concert if they behave. ;)

After the concert all of the kids got their cookies (they all picked M&M cookies--M&Ms are a current favorite among the kids...I think they just like saying "MmMs" which is how it is pronounced by all of them) and they also got some "juice". I didn't realize until I tried mine that it was juice plus some kind of clear soda. I warned the kids that they might not like it because it was "spicy" (their word for carbonated) and that if they didn't like it they could have water. Alex and Emily both tried it and although Alex said he liked it they both asked for water instead. Tim and Danielle both drank it and seemed to like it.

The expression on Tim's face was priceless when I had told him what was in it. He took a sip, got a big grin on his face and said, "There's SODA in here??" I love that it's a super special treat when they get soda. They know it doesn't happen often so it makes it that much more of a treat!


BT said...

That is so sweet. I am so glad you manage to maintain your band participation and the kids managed to get their cookies and juice. Soda is a huge treat at our house too, and it is stilled referred to as "spicy" and/or "fizzy drink" from back when our boys were still so limited in their english! Such fun memories your stories bring for me.

Zack, Jenn and William said...

William calls carbonated drinks "spicy" too :)

Tina said...

You and Mark amaze us. It was a great concert, and the kids were so well behaved. You are right. -They LOVED the music, and the girls especially loved clapping! I don't think sitting still was work for them because they watched the concert with great delight, and Tim - with the anticipation of cookies. :)