Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SPAM email

I apologize to those of you who received a spam email from my account. I can assure you that I am NOT in London and that even if I was I would not want to get on a plane in the next 24 hours as I currently have a head cold. :)

I have locked the account in question and have changed the passwords on my other accounts so hopefully I'll be able to stem the tide of spam, but I do apologize.

I'm beyond irritated that someone finds it necessary to waste their time creating things that waste other peoples' time.

The account that was compromised was one of the main accounts I use for my Reece's Rainbow volunteer work, so not only has this shut down my email but has caused complications with other things I do.

*sigh* Grrrr....

Monday, December 13, 2010


"Mama, why can't we see anything on the ground?"

Because the snow is covering it.

"Oh, and the snow comes from above and covers it?"


"'Cause nothing could come from below and cover things, right, Mama?"


Our sin. Jesus coming. Covering our sins from above. Who knew snow could inspire such theology?

That which is below cannot cover up--cannot blot out--the stains we possess. No matter how we dig to find something to cover us, unless it comes from above... does not cover.

Friday, December 10, 2010


Completely unexpected--I thought we wouldn't hear until next week!

February 7! :) :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Fun weekend

We went and cut down our Christmas tree again this year. This has become an annual tradition for us and it's a good thing it's already a tradition because otherwise we might not have gone this year. It was FREEZING!

The kids of course always like to find the biggest tree possible, and we have a hard time convincing them that the ones they like will not fit in our living room.

We warmed up with a visit to Cici's Pizza which is a favorite around here. It still cracks me up that our kids ask for seconds on the salad bar before they ask for seconds on the pizza. They love their veggies!

On Sunday we went to the Meramec Community Band winter concert. It had been a while since we'd gone to a concert and the kids always enjoy them. Mark and I both love music and we think that even if they don't love all of it, they should at least be exposed to different music and learn how to sit and listen appropriately. :) :)

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Sometimes it's too much.

Sometimes I want to curl up on the couch and just stop.

This morning I was calling to transfer balances to our hospital payment plan. And in a moment, it became too much. Too much to remember to remember to take care make sure...

And I know we are taking on more. More children, more needs, more work...

During our homestudy, our social worker asked if we planned to add any more kids to our family after this adoption. I said I didn't know, and that we would have to see what God had planned.

She said "That's okay. You're have plenty of time."

Yes, we do.

But do they?

All of these children, and so many more, are available for adoption.

And I know it is our choice to add to our family. But I refuse to look in the eyes of a child and tell him...

No, you can't have a family. I am too busy. I don't want more work. It would be too much time...too hard...what if you are more than I can handle? what if I'm not a good mom for you?
how could we afford you?

I pray that my insecurities--my fears--would never keep a child from a family and a home.