Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Living large

I am a small person. That's really more genetics than a lot of effort on my part, which I am very thankful for.

My girls are also slender and they haven't spent much time around women that aren't fully clothed (which is a good thing), so they haven't really made a connection to how people look with and without clothes on based on their size.

However, it doesn't do much for the mama self-esteem when we all go to the bathroom and I hear...

"Mama, you have a big bottom!"

Of course, she sort of makes up for it with the next comment out of her mouth:

"When I get bigger, I'm going to have a big bottom just like Mama."


Tina said...

Oh, my. That is the greatest post ever. I can hear Danielle saying that!

For what it's worth, I think you have a nice bottom. :) And for most of my life, I've wanted a bigger bottom so I can actually fill my pants. So if you ever want to let me borrow some of yours, no problem! :)

Kelly said...

LOL Don't the greatest comments from our children come out in the public bathroom stalls! ;)

Wishing you well as you prepare to travel on your new adoption trip!

Jane said...

I get that all the time, along with comments about my grey hair. Ben keeps me appraised of when it's time to get the Clairol out!!!!

The McEacherns said...

Better than what I usually hear: "Mommy went poop! Bye-buy, poop!" That's especially fun when we're in a public restroom!

Tonya said...

LOL! I just about spewed my coffee on that one!