Monday, January 24, 2011

Two weeks

In two weeks, we will be sleeping in Kyiv, waiting for 5pm Tuesday when we can pick up our referral papers and head to Candace's region.

She turned 5 two days ago.

That was her last birthday without her forever family.


Melissa said...

How SWEET it is!



Faith said...

SO excited for you!!

Missy and Kevin said...

So happy and excited for you. Keep us posted. God bless.

Kelly said...

Wonderful News!! So excited for Candace and your entire family!

David&Monica said...

O my how the time has flown! What can we do to assist you? Please let whoever is watching the kiddos know that we are here to help! All our prayers to you for a safe and speedy trip :-)

David&Monica said...

Mark & Courtney,
All our love and prayers to you and your family on this beloved trip.
David & Monica