Monday, January 03, 2011


As I've become more involved with Reece's Rainbow over the past couple of years, one of the things I have not been very good about is advocating for the kids. Maybe that just hasn't been my role, but shouldn't it always be?

Regardless, I'm going to try to do a better job of speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves. One of the things that often holds families back from adopting (other than money) is the belief that they cannot handle a specific diagnosis or medical condition. In reality, many medical conditions are relatively easily treatable, and even the ones that are more complicated are often more manageable that families think.

I'm hoping to begin a series of posts on some of the different diagnoses and medical conditions that kids on Reece's Rainbow have. We'll see how well I can pull this off since my blogging time has been less than adequate lately, but I won't accomplish anything if I don't at least try. :)


MoserUpdates said...

I really hope you do. I'd be interested in seeing what some of the medical terms mean. I'm not a researcher and am quite intimidated by some of the diagnoses on the site. Our dossier submission is scheduled for April get to work ;)

Tonya said...

I'm looking forward to these Courtney. I am praying that the hubby will decide he wants to adopt again (he currently thinks 6 is plenty but he said that after two so there's hope) so I always love seeing profiles of children. Who knows if one or two of them might be mine:). Information on medical issues would be helpful too.