Friday, January 28, 2011

We've covered a visa!

WOOHOO! The Lanes now have one of their girls' visas paid for through your generosity! THANK YOU!

Now for a bigger goal...because Ivy and Rose are not related, the Lanes will have to pay a second filing fee at the Embassy for their I600 (we will have to do the same thing if we adopt a second child as Candace does not have any siblings). They have already paid this fee once when they filed their I600A, but that only covers one child and any siblings. So when they apply for the girls' immigration approval at the US Embassy in Kyiv, they will have to pay an additional $720.

Let's get that Chipin over $720 and pay for immigration!

(and people wonder why international adoption is so expensive...a HUGE chunk goes to our own government!!)


Jo's Corner said...

Thank You, for helping the Lanes! ~ Jo Moseley

Courtney said...

Thank YOU, Jo! :)