Monday, August 27, 2007

It's all preparation (day 9)

We just keep making ourselves busier and busier, but I think it's preparation for having kids when we will be running after them all of the time!

Band last week was a lot of fun. There's a new director this year and he's got a lot of energy! We'll have two concerts this semester and some of the music is pretty challenging. It's great to be playing regularly again. :)

This past weekend my mom came up. We told her she was welcome to come as long as she brought work clothes. ;) I'm not sure she's going to be coming up again anytime soon. :) :) :) Friday night we went to Fritanga, the Nicaraguan restuarant close to us. It was very yummy--the fried plantains were excellent! Saturday we put Mom to work...first the paneling, then pulling the carpet out of the stairwell (that didn't go over so well), then removing tile in the bathroom. I was in the stairwell at that point, but apparently she had a pretty good time tearing off the tile. Mark said he kept hearing her laughing. It is an awful lot of fun to do demolition. We also found a new treasure, but I won't spoil the surprise--I'll take a picture and post it. Then you can bid for it. ;) We also found lots more things that caused all 3 of us to say "that's interesting..." I took one picture before the camera batteries died, so hopefully I can get over there soon and show some updates. It's looking worse and worse every day. And that makes me happy. :) I know it will get much worse before it gets better.


Nataliya said...

Oh poor mom :) I'm sure she had a good time helping you out!

OK, it's day 10 for you today, basically half of the wait is over. Though you and I know usually it's more than 20 days, but still it's nice to be closer to this mark.

Katie said...

Just wondering what kinds of resources you guys have used to figure out what you need to do/how to do it/what you can do on your own. There's a chance we'll be moving (just within Mason) - and the houses we're looking at are old & in need of some (or a lot of) TLC.
Demo DOES sound really fun - although probably not the best activity for a pregnant gal... I'd have to just help where I could!