Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I love having four kids

Honestly, I was a little apprehensive before the adoption. ;) Four is a lot (to me; no comments from those of you who have 8 or 12, 'kay? ;)), and I just didn't know if I'd be able to handle it--being a mom of four.

I love it.

I really, really do.

There are still a lot of challenges--language/communication being the biggest one--but it is so much fun to parent all four of them. Of course, it was not fun today when Dima threw two temper tantrums (which he hasn't done in months) and Emily threw a temper tantrum at bedtime. But hey, that's life as a parent, right? (Please say yes.)

We're still working on routines--figuring out who to get up in the morning first, who to put to bed first, etc. And we're doing 2+ hours of school every day which the boys definitely need and which Danielle and Emily will also benefit from. I'm still a little unsure what to do with Emily during this time. Today she worked on a wooden numbers puzzle. The pieces are large so it's good for her motor skills as well as the actual processing of how to position the pieces to get them into the spaces. Danielle is working on coloring, learning colors, and learning shapes. The boys are reviewing work from last year and continuing prep work for next year. Dima is really struggling with math so we're trying to decide the best way to help him learn. He's missing some key math skills so we need to back up and get him to the point that he can do the basics in order to get him to where he needs to be for next year.

Life is good. And if four is good, more would be even better, right? LOL

(Just kidding--I'm sure Mark will have a heart attack when he sees that sentence! ;))


MamaPoRuski said...

Don't worry about what to do with all of them at once. I know the most important thing for my four is that I am with them. It's even better if whatever we are doing involves one or more of them sitting next to me or on my lap...

Bethany said...

We love wooden puzzles! We have "workbook time" with dessert after dinner, and they really enjoy it. How old are the girls, again? Have fun figuring it all out! And, yes, tantrums are totally part of parenting!

Tina said...

You know, I AM the baby of six children, and it was pretty fun at times to grow up in that busy environment. Just "randomly" throwing out that thought. :)

Kelly Daniel said...

I just read your blog for the first time. It was sent to me by another couple that visited Little Birch in 2007 and visited with your girls. My son was adopted from Little Birch in December 2007, from the same room as your girls. Actually we got to know Danielle rather well since she would come out into that little foyer area and bring us toys to play with and give us hugs and kisses. She was so sweet!

My husband and I have thought about the girls often and I just can't tell you how elated we are that they have found their family! Praise God! When I opened your blog and saw their photos I cried like a baby and my heart leapt for joy!

We are now in the process of adopting another little girl that was in the same room. She was moved to a different facility, we believe in mid 2008. Out of the 12 children we met in that room I am so happy to know that at least four of them have found their families. Inna, the little girl we are adopting, will be six in August and we hope to have her home later this year. I know that she and Danielle played together quite often because, at the time, they were the only two really mobile children in the room. We are not all that far from you, in Nashville, so maybe someday we can get our little ones together for a Little Burch reunion!

You and your family are in our prayers and I look forward to hearing more great news as the girls grow and learn!

Feel free to e-mail me anytime at kellydaniel@comcast.net.

Marsha said...

You said you weren't sure what to do with Emily - I don't remember how old she is, but my 2 1/2 yr old grandson LOVES sidewalk chalk!! Somedays he draws nothing but lines, and then there are days when he tells me his lines are Mama, the dog, a bird, or whatever he happens to see at the time. I have found that kids of ALL ages (even my 15 yr old) will draw on the back patio slab or front driveway if left to their own devices. It's cheap, fun, and can be used to teach anything you teach at the kitchen table with pen and paper - numbers, colors, shapes, etc. And clean-up is a garden hose and a washcloth (for little hands). And there is always hopscotch!!!

Erika said...

You guys never cease to amaze me. I am always encouraged when I look at your blog and see four temper tantrums between two kids, two kids who don't speak English and a medical set back and yet still you seem so matter of fact and upbeat. I just love it! P.S. We should be in St. Louis in July sometime I would love to meet your new family if you are receiving visitors.