Monday, May 11, 2009

Life is fun

I got a lecture today from Zhenya about making sure I put "cream" on his cupcakes for his summer birthday at school. I usually do a really good job about not laughing about the boys when they strike me as humorous, but he was so serious and adamant about the "cream" (known to most of us as frosting) that I couldn't help myself. I think he was a little confused as to why I was laughing. But the following conversation (with his very serious face) made me laugh:

M: Why do you need cream on your cupcakes?
Z: Because it's a birthday!
M: What is it if there's no cream?
Z (pondering):'s not a birthday.

Emily has a new best friend:

My four little monkeys (in a cage):


Anonymous said...

What are teh kids' ages? They look like beautiful stairsteps! When do we get to see a pic of all 6 of you together?

Anonymous said...

what a great video! If Emily likes McKinley kisses, I can't wait for her to meet Capone :) Whitney

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

I just showed the video to Georgiy and he pointed and laughed and got really excited. I wonder if he recognizes her?