Tuesday, May 05, 2009

First day back

We visited the girls twice today. They were thrilled to see us and Emily was none too happy about going back to her room after the first visit. I think she thought we were there to take her out for good. Not yet, but hopefully soon.

Unfortunately, we were not able to do any paperwork today. The main person that we needed to get started on everything was out of the office today. Completely understandable, as they just had a 4-day weekend. I probably would have extended it too! But it did cause us to lose a day. Mark and I picked up our court decrees on the way to the orphanage this afternoon to help speed things up tomorrow, and we're starting at 7am tomorrow on the great paper chase (mainly birth certificates and passports). Please pray that we are able to get both completed quickly and without incident. The region we are in does not do one day passports so we know we will have a few days' wait on those. But it would be great to get them by the end of the week.

So today, we walked 9.4+ miles, ordered pizza correctly (and without mayo), and ordered desserts at a place we'd never been to (Winnie the Pooh, Mom). I watched a lot of dubbed TV (90210 and Melrose Place, anyone?) while Mark took a long nap this afternoon. Tomorrow will be mostly sitting in the car so it was good we walked so much today.

Okay, so if you get carsick DON'T watch this video. This was taken on our drive to Khmelnitsky yesterday. But I have good news--they repaired one of the streets in Khmelnitsky today! They scraped off and then relaid all new asphalt. It is beautiful and super smooth. Anyone heading this way, be sure to stop by the courthouse to check out the new road. I took pictures. ;)


Christine said...

Love the pciture of your girls!

Anonymous said...

Loved the video in the car! Zhenya will be glad he wasn't there to walk all over town again, but both boys will be sorry they missed out on the pizza. The girls look so happy!


Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

Isaac and I just sat here and looked at that picture saying:"Aaaawwwwww....aaaawwwwww...aaaaaaawwww over and over. I can honestly say I have never seen Emily smile so beautiful in the whole time we were there. What a blessing, these two! And what a blessing you are to them!

Tina said...

Yup. Such a sweet picture of Mark and the girls! So glad you guys are there safely!

DoveFamily said...

What a sweet picture! So glad that things will be moving along today; praying for quick turnaround on the documents.

I can't imagine a road being freshly paved in Ukraine - that must be quite a luxury!

Christy said...

Glad you are back with your girls. Hopefully things will go smooth with all of the paperwork.

MamaPoRuski said...

Fabulous pics! I even ventured on the car ride too! NOT Missing Ukraine right now...Thanks for that reminder!

schoolmother said...

I got a chuckle out of the car ride video. I am so glad you guys are safely back in Ukraine and I hope your day in the car is very beneficial as to paperwork.
You are almost there!