Monday, May 04, 2009

We're here! (again ;))

Updates on the last three days:

Saturday: Mark had a base ball game so I left the boys with him and ran a few errands. I picked up a few things we needed for the trip and went to work to finish some things I didn't finish on Friday but needed done before I was gone on FMLA. My mom came up that evening and we all stayed up way too late. Between doing laundry and overwhelming my mom with information it was a very short night. ;) Thankfully we didn't have to get up too early. I also spent several hours on the phone with AT&T, who still hadn't connected our internet. Grrr...

Sunday: Mom and the boys drove Mark and I to the airport at 8am. The boys did great with us leaving (at least the part we saw). Mark and I made it to Chicago without any problems, although we had to wait to board our plane while they fixed a broken overhead bin. We had about a 3 hour layover in Chicago, and we still almost missed our plane! We were sitting next to our gate but at the next gate over. We were checked in, had our boarding passes, and had actually already gotten new boarding passes as they had switched our seats. We were waiting and waiting and waiting...I knew they were supposed to start boarding at 3:15 (for our 3:45 flight), so at 3:25 I looked up and noticed that the large crowds of people were gone from our gate. Just then we heard:

"Final boarding call for Lufthansa flight ... to Frankfurt"

Aahhh!! We jumped up and ran over to the gate and made it on just in time. There was no one else in line when we went through--everyone else had already boarded (although a couple of people did get on after us). How we missed all of the previous boarding calls is beyond me. I'm just thankful we heard the last one!

The flight was good although neither of us slept much. There were a lot of kids on the flights; 2 of whom were seated on either side of us in the four middle seats. They both did great but Mark and I spent most of the flight watching movies instead of sleeping. We haven't been to the theatre in awhile so it was a great "date." We watched "Last Chance Harvey" and "Inkheart", both of which I enjoyed (Mark enjoyed "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" on the previous flights more ;)).

Monday: We arrived in Frankfurt for another 3 hour layover (except we arrived early so it was longer). We didn't have to take a bus to our terminal which was nice. We hung out in the McDonalds until our flight had a gate assignment then headed to the gate. We did get bussed out to our plane for the flight to Kyiv. The last leg was good and both of us slept. I woke up long enough to eat a few bites of "breakfast" and then went right back to sleep.

When we arrived in Kyiv, we went through immigration and customs without any problems and were thrilled to see Nikolai waiting for us on the other side of the glass doors. He took us to a spot where we met up with a guy to drive us to Khmelnitsky. We slept pretty much the entire 4 hour car ride as well (except when I was taking pictures of random scenery while playing with the camera settings). We're in the hotel now and Mark's thrilled since we have a room with a balcony overlooking the soccer stadium. ;) We've already been to the market to pick up the essentials--chocolate, Nutella, cheese, and Sprite.

Oh, and our home internet is fixed! Yay! While we can't enjoy it yet, it will make things a little nicer for my mom while she's home all day by herself. :)

We'll be going to see the girls first thing tomorrow morning! :) :)


DIane said...

Nutella...what a lovely little jar of goodness:) Be safe and have fun!

Tami said...

I've never had I missing anything?! :)
So glad you're there safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about the reunion with the girls! :)

Kelly said...

Thank you for letting us tag along on your journey!!
Have fun!!

Audrey said...

that cracks me up - the 'essentials' LOL

Go get those girls! So very excited for you!

Christine said...

How awesome! Have a great time!

Rachel said...

I am so excited that the girls are finally coming home!

The Flying Eagle said...

Yea!!!! So happy to hear you are there safely. (And so jealous!)

Anonymous said...

What, no freecell marathons?? You're making me wish I was there!
Just don't mention how many times you go get pizza (without mayo)!


Christy said...

Prayers for safe travel and a quick process bringing home your girls!

Christy said...

Prayers for safe travel and a quick process bringing home your girls!