Saturday, May 23, 2009

Right on target

I think 2 weeks is a good amount of time for a vacation. After about 2 weeks, I'm ready for home--familiar sights, smells, and sounds...familiar own bed.

Unfortunately, our girls are not on vacation. I think the homesickness might have started in for Danielle today. Not so much that she's consciously aware of wanting to be back in Ukraine, and if you asked her, I think she would say that she wants to stay with us. But I think she's ready for the familiar. Soon, this will become the new familiar, but it will take a while and I know she's going to struggle for the next bit while she adjusts.

We didn't see so much of this with the boys--I think they really didn't miss very much about their former life and were pretty happy to transition into something new.

Thankfully (I think), Danielle's "tantrums" are pretty straightforward--she basically cries until she starts hyperventilating. This is much easier to manage than Dima's wailing fits which lasted hours and occurred 2-3 times a day for the first few months we were home. It was not pretty. I do think Danielle is happy here and wants to be here, so it shouldn't be too long before she's able to move past the homesickness, but we're probably going to be seeing some of this for the next few weeks or so I would guess.


Tami said...

Sounds like she is right on schedule. Thankfully we never experienced the meltdowns...I'm not sure how we got so blessed, but I'm so thankful we did. It could have been much worse. However, the older three all went through it. It lasted a couple of months and then slowly tapered off.
Praying yours goes by much quicker! :)

MamaPoRuski said...

So hear you and feeling it too! We are over two months home and still dealing with homesickness. Praying for you too!