Friday, February 26, 2010

Big brothers

On Thursday we were on our way to speech when Emily asked if they were taking showers that night. When I said yes, she started saying "Yay! Showers!" Alex and Tim piped up from the back of the van with "No, no showers, Emily." Which resulted in a volley of "Yes, showers!" and "No, Emily, no showers." The boys knew I would get on to them pretty quickly for arguing, so all of a sudden Alex changed his tune.

From the back I hear soft singing..."Nooo, Emileee, nooo showerrrrs..." To which again Emily replies, "Yes, Alex, showers!"

"No, Emily, I'm just singing to you...noooo, Emileee, nooo showerrrrs..."

I think they're taking this role of "big brother" pretty seriously--and perfecting their ability to pester their little sisters! :)

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