Saturday, February 20, 2010

The innocence of children

Today was a gorgeous day was cloudy and all of 40 degrees, but compared to what we've had it was definitely gorgeous!

Mark was over working at the other house so I took advantage of the nice weather and took the kids to the playground. They were thrilled to get out of the house as was I. We walked to the park and started out on the "little" playground designed for the small kids. My kids like to play there but they can't swing (the swings are baby swings) so after about 30 minutes we moved to the "big" playground. The kids spent about 30 minutes on the swings and I was really impressed with Danielle's swinging! She can swing as high or higher than the boys without even a push to start from me. :)

After the swings they had a small snowball fight with some snow in a shady area on the playground. They didn't really get to play in the snow much this winter because every time we've had snow it's been really cold and I haven't let them go out.

I had noticed a photographer wandering around earlier and now saw that she was photographing a couple. They were a slightly older couple, so it could have been an anniversary shoot or an engagement shoot (or any number of other things...). Tim asked me what they were doing and I told him she was taking pictures of them.

Tim: "Are they married?--Oh, yes they're married."
Me: "How can you tell?"
Tim: "They're kissing!"

Please, God, let him hang on to that idea until he's about 30, okay?? :)


Tina said...

What a sweet story. I love it. I guess we married folks need to kiss more in public when kiddos are around. :)

MamaPoRuski said...

What a sweet example you and Mark must be setting for them to think that! Our kids love to see us kiss, so much so one of my kids picked out my latest FB profile pic of kissing hubby at Christmas!