Thursday, March 25, 2010


We seem to have hit upon a clumsy stage that is taking over most of the family. Our vacation scored us a seriously bruised knuckle (me), several bumps on the forehead (Emily--she always manages to hit the exact same spot!), a blood blister from a seat belt pinch...that turned into an infected finger (Emily), a lost tooth (Danielle), plus the usual assortment of scrapes and bruises.

Tuesday Danielle fell off of one of the front steps and scraped up her back while trying to help Tim carry a box. Yesterday Emily and Danielle bashed heads while playing upstairs and were both crying until I suggested they sit on the couch until they felt better. ;)

I think I should have gotten a nursing degree instead of chemistry!

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Tina said...

Sorry about all of the injuries sustained by the Olmsted Family! Nurses also do really well $$$ :)