Monday, March 22, 2010


We have returned. :)

We spent a nice week in Colorado on spring break hanging out with Mark's family. We got to experience 65 degree weather playing outside and then sledding on Friday as the winter storm hit. The kids loved it! I had a very relaxing week with my in-laws, and while it's always good to get home, I was not ready to be done vacationing.

The kids did great with all of the family. The girls had met their grandparents and one uncle but had not met Mark's sisters or their cousin yet. We did lots of playing and reading and...more playing... :) And no one got sick. Of course, we didn't go up in the mountains either.

I only took four sets of clothes for any of us and planned on doing laundry there. That worked out fantastic and meant that I didn't come home with several loads of laundry to do.

Everyone's getting back into the swing of things but the kids have several days off coming up. They don't have a full school week until mid-April!

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