Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Would you do this?

  • 17 hours in a van.
  • 2 adults.
  • 4 children ages 7 and under.
  • 2 dogs, each over 50 lbs.
  • I-70 through Kansas.
  • No DVD player, no books, no toys.
  • Lots of family bonding time.

We did and had a great time!


adoptyaroslav said...

Depends on who the other adult is. Did 15hrs in an SUV with one teenager and my ex-husband once (he was still my husband then). Guess which one was the most annoying? Of course, I didn't bring the dogs. Sure that would've been just too lovely. Would've enjoyed family bonding time if my teen hadn't slept most of the way there and back.


Jane said...

Good for you. I can't even imagine doing that!!!!

Christine said...

You go girl! Just think of the memories you'll make!

David&Monica said...

done it! loved every minute of it! I call it the 2 hour minimum....thats what it takes for the kids to get used to the hum of the car and just start pouring it out (the teenagers that is!) Its great and when we get to a communication block - I plan a road trip - works everytime!!!