Monday, March 08, 2010

Pray for Mark, please! :)

Mark has a very big test today--one of the 6-8 hour kinds. He is taking a specialization test for physical therapists (the orthopedics/OCS for those of you familiar). He has been studying many long hours in preparation for the test today.

Please join me in praying...
  • that he will feel confident and be protected from doubts
  • that he will remember what he needs to know for the test
  • that he will not grow fatigued
  • that he will have steady focus the whole time
  • that he will pass :)

He won't find out the results until this summer, but I know we will all be glad when this test is over!


Tina said...

Praying for Mark, my friend! Let us know how he felt afterward. Those tests are grueling, and I am happy that I have never had to take one that long. But Ryan can empathize from when he took the bar. :) Two days in Jeff City... ugh!

Christine said...

Hope all goes well! Said a little prayer for him!