Thursday, April 23, 2009

The important things to know

Dima's (kindergarten) class has been doing the Stanford Achievement Test this week (nice going...we bring him back after a 1.5 week vacation to a week of testing!). His teacher said he's done really well, but he struggled a little bit with the "Environment" section. Being that it's been awhile since I've been in kindergarten, I wasn't quite sure what "Environment" meant. So I asked.

Sample questions from the "Environment" section of the kindergarten test:

"Who was the first president of the United States?"
"Which is farther from the Earth: Jupiter, the moon, or the stars?"

I had a hard time controlling my laughter. son has only been speaking English for a year. I'm not even sure he knows (okay, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know) what a president is. And I'm absolutely positive that he has no idea what Jupiter is (he does know what the moon and the stars are, but I don't think he's got a grip on their distance from the Earth yet).

Thanks, but I think we'll keep working on his reading and math and let the science and history fall into place later. ;)


Kelly said...

That is hilarious! Is this an oral test? What kindy student can even read the words president or Jupiter and know their meanings? I have enjoyed reading your blog and can't wait 'till you get your girls home.

Courtney said...

I actually don't know if it was oral, although I know they're not expected to read those words so at least some part of it had to have been oral. I was pretty amused by it, too. :) :)

Tami said...

Are you KIDDING me?! That is nuts. What kindergartner needs to know the first president of the United States or which one is farther away. I can't even remember the order and I'm 38 and have a college degree! :)

The Flying Eagle said...

Hysterical! Just so you know - Aley and I are not a 100% about the order but we think the moon is the closest and then the stars and Jupiter is the furthest. But neither of us would bet any money on it! And I am pretty sure we both passed kindegarden!!!!

his wife, their mama said...

WOW! Well, I guess I know what we should be focusing on with Ivie; politics and space! Seriously!?!? That's just too much! Thanks for the laugh!