Thursday, April 30, 2009

A conversation with my son

Last night, a whispered conversation while tucking Dima into bed...

D: "I love you, Mama."
M: Looking him straight in the eyes, " I love you, too."
D: "And I love God and Jesus...(long pause)...I not want go to heaven, Mama."
M: "Heaven is a nice place. You get to be with God all of the time."
D: "I not want go to heaven...I stay here."
M: "Yes, you'll stay here for a long, long time."
Big, big smile on his face.

When he first said he didn't want to go to heaven, I tried to reassure him that heaven was nice. What he meant is that he didn't want to leave us, not that he didn't want to go to heaven.

He gets it.

He gets that this is home. That he gets to stay here. That he's not leaving.

That he belongs here with us.

We'll work on wanting to go to heaven another day. ;)


Diana said...

Very precious! These are the moments that make it all worth it!

Brandi said...

What a wonderful reminder for us all! Your blog is now linked to the site. I am excited for the families to get to read your blog! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

jena said...

What a sweet moment!

Debbie said...

I had to read this to Garth, too. :-) Precious!

Leslie said...


Bethany said...

Awww, so sweet! Levi has been saying that a lot lately, too, and it's just fabulous!

Tina said...

Alright. That made me teary-eyed. Thanks so much for sharing that sweet, awesome story!!

Rachel said...

That is so precious!

Audrey said...

Oh. That is really sweet. I'm so happy for your family - what a great adventure. Now, go get those girls!! :)