Thursday, April 30, 2009

Random tidbits

Mark installed the new toilet in the downstairs bathroom! Woohoo! This will make potty training at least a little easier...I hope. ;) He's still working on getting the vanity and sink in. The one that I loved, and that he went to two stores last night to find, and that he hauled into the house by himself...doesn't fit. So he's returning that one today and we'll have to go choose another one. This time we'll pay a bit more attention to where the pipes can go. :)

Dima is not going on his school field trip today because he ran off when they returned and got off the bus on his last field trip (on Tuesday). Several teachers yelled at him to stop, he turned around to look at them, then kept right on going--straight into the school parking lot. Um, no. Not safe. So until we know we can trust him to listen and obey at school he will not be going on field trips. I'm guessing missing one will probably be enough to help it sink in that we're serious about this.

Zhenya has developed a cough--again! This is the second or third cough he's had in the past several months. I'm wondering if it's allergies. The coughs always go away after a few weeks, and they don't keep him up at night so I'm not sure how much to medicate him for it.

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