Thursday, March 03, 2011

Change in plans

I don't think we've yet had an adoption that didn't have one of those days...where everything you thought you knew turned out to be totally and completely wrong (in this case, our plan for the next couple of weeks).

Remember these two?

They're here. With me.

In Kyiv.

Big change of plans. :)

Wednesday started off as planned, with driving to Enakiev (I'm SURE it has other spellings, that's just the one I've seen most often here, but it's actually pronounced Yenakiev) to get Julia's birth certificate and tax ID. Then we went to Makiivka to close out the girls' bank accounts there. All of that went more or less easier than the previous day, but we still didn't get done with those until noon. At 12:45, the sky started falling. ;)

Sasha called the orphanage director so that we could take the girls out to have digital scans made in Donetsk for their passports. This meant we would be driving the girls from Mariupol to Donetsk (about 2 hours) and back. But the orphanage director refused to let us take them unless we signed them out permanently. The other option was she would have the girls taken to Donetsk in one of the orphanage cars with an orphanage worker, hopefully today. But this completely threw off the timeline we're still hoping to make for this second trip, and it wasn't clear that the girls would definitely go to Donetsk today, so the best option was to go ahead and take them out.

We drove back to Mariupol, I ran into Amstor to grab tights (the only thing I hadn't brought for the girls, intentionally) and then we went to the baby house to pick them up. Then they wouldn't let us go until we closed out their Mariupol bank accounts. We made it back to Donetsk right before 6pm for the passport scans. Sasha had called ahead and the woman was waiting for us. After that was a quick run to the train to try to head to Kyiv, since there was no reason to hang out in either Donetsk or Mariupol with the girls, and Mark will be coming into Kyiv on Sunday. we're here, waiting for our passports to arrive. :)

By the way, the train from Donetsk to Kyiv was REALLY nice! Way nicer than the trains in the US that I've been on. The girls did great on the train although it took Bianca a long time to fall asleep. But then, I couldn't sleep either so I can't blame her. It was a pretty exciting day!


Jean said...

Can't wait to hear how it's going with the girls!

Love you! Mom

BT said...

Oh wow! My heart is swelling! You've GOT them. So wonderful.

Tamara said...

YAY!!!! How exciting! That wasn't a bad surprise at all! :)

Amy said...

How wonderful!!! Praise the Lord! Lifting you all up in prayer!

Milena said...

What a pleasant surprise!

Zack & Jenn said...

So glad you have your sweeties with you. But um, I think you need to give us a NEW picture :) Praying that those passports are taken care of asap!


hopeful one said...

Im so sorry you had issues with the director...she was so super kind to us and didnt give us any problems. However we has our daughters passport picture done right there in Mauripol and the social worker came with us. I am glad you have your girls though.

Shelley said...

Gotta love the change in plans :)
I hope the passports arrive soon!

Anonymous said...

So glad your girls are with you, despite the paper chase yesterday!

BTW, my young cousins were in the same city where your girls' orphanage is located - at the detsky dom starting with "S" - wonder if it was the same place?? Their facilitator told them it was one of the nicest orphanages he'd ever visited, and your girls clearly have been cared for well. I couldn't see enough detail from your photos to determine if it was the same place. They had a VERY nice director at the time - about five years ago; can it be that long??
Good luck finding company in K. - check out the circus if you can, the girls would love it!

Best wishes,
Susan in Ky
Cousin to 2 from U.
(and an RR supporter)

The McEacherns said...


whitneymolloy said...

Oh.My.Goodness! SO, SO excited to meet these little ladies! Here's hoping for smooth sailing from here on...

love, Whitney

Erica said...

What an exciting day! So glad you've got your girls with you now, though- what a treat!

David&Monica said...

giant smiley face!

MamaPoRuski said...

Wow, what a trip. Praying for God to continue to bless your final journey to home! So glad they are WITH you now, forever! I know you know all the friends in Ukraine if you need help. PRAYING, PRAYING, PRAYING!