Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Loss of internet

Yesterday we moved apartments, into the old apartment of our friends the Bowdens. Their apartment was a little more convenient to the places we were spending the most time, so we thought it would be nice for the remaining few days we had left. However, we weren't sure how well the internet worked as the Bowdens didn't have a computer with them. Once we got moved in, we realized there wasn't any internet.

Our facilitator Yulia spent most of yesterday trying to get in touch with the landlord, but it was a holiday yesterday and she wasn't able to reach her. This morning we found out that they are doing some work on the lines and we do not have internet in our aparment. Yulia was so helpful and brought over a wireless modem for us to use, so now we do have internet in our apartment!

All-around good news: We received word that the girls' passports are done, so they will arrive here in Kyiv tomorrow morning. We had our first visa appointment at the US Embassy today. Unfortunately, they requested some additional information for us. A wonderful person from my HR has already provided us with one of the documents they needed and we will take the other one (a letter from Mark and me) tomorrow when we go for our second appointment.

The girls are doing well. We do pretty much the same thing every day. Breakfast, go outside to play or walk, lunch, nap, go outside to play or walk, dinner, bath/bed. Bianca made a new friend at the playground today. They were more or less instantly inseparable, and her new friend was very sad when we left. It was cute. ;)

Prayer requests: We will have the girls' medicals tomorrow morning at 11am (you'll all be sleeping--that's 3am CST!) and then our second visa interview is at 2pm. Please pray that the medicals will go well and that we will be able to get the girls' visas we can go home FRIDAY! :)


liz kulp said...

so if you get to go home many days total was your second trip? Liz -

Rochelle said...

Praying for you guys, specifically the medicals, visas and home on Friday!

Mary said...

Courtney - I am enjoying living vicariously through your blog! Thanks for keeping it real. I want to keep my fantasies realistic!!!! Hope you are taking lots of pictures -

Our mission said...

So glad you are almost finished...praying it all goes smoothly tomorrow ! :)
blessings, the Adamsons

Jean said...

I can't wait to hear how your day went!

Love you! Mom

BT said...

Good luck with all of the remaining steps. Thoughts will be with you.

Anonymous said...

hey guys. Just wondering how you all are doing. So you DID move in to our place, hope you liked it better! ))) We are doing well adjusting to having a girl in the house. I remember Julia and Bianca's sweet faces and hope one day we meet again. Thank you for your advise and sharing of your experiences, it was a blessing to meet half of your family! Lord bless you and we'll keep in touch!