Friday, March 11, 2011

We have it!

We have the visa in hand and are all set for our flights out tomorrow.

We've spent the day playing and hanging out. Julia has finally decided that Papa is really a lot of fun. :) She was a little unsure the first few days, but now she really likes having a papa...except of course when she's getting in trouble, and then she's not so fond of mama either. ;)

Someone had asked in the comments: our first trip was exactly two weeks door-to-door, and this second trip for me is 13 days door-to-door (Mark was here for the second week). Our first trip was a little shorter than normal (I'd say 2.5 weeks is about average since you have to wait for your court date), and the second trip was a little long due to various difficulties, including a holiday in the middle of our trip which caused delays. So our total adoption time counting the 10-day wait was right at 5 weeks (most people run 5-7 weeks).


Our mission said...

Praise God!! So happy for your family...we'll pray for your travel home. There will lots of excitement at your home very soon...enjoy ;)

Melissa said...

Woohoo!!!!! Safe Travels HOME : )



Rochelle said...

Yahoo, thank you God for answered prayers. Happy and safe traveling.

Thanks for the info on the time in country, helps us in planning (I know it is a moveable target but, a general guideline is always nice to have).

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

DUDE, how I wish everyone's adoptions could go this smoothly!! Congrats!

Nan and Dan said...