Monday, March 07, 2011


We're a boring crew around here. Everyone's sleeping but me. :)

The girls have been napping every day from about 12:30-1:30, but they sleep longer if we've done a lot in the morning. We walked a lot this morning so they're pretty tired, and Mark's tired from all of the traveling (and waiting in the airport!).

I'm hanging out, waiting for everyone to wake up. We're going to meet up with the Bowdens (another RR family) this afternoon before they leave for home tomorrow. We're still hoping to get the girls down to Independence Square, but it's been cold and windy and it's a bit of a walk from our apartment for them. We're staying in an apartment basically at the other end of Kreschatik. But there's lots to do right around us and we've found several playgrounds. The girls LOVE to swing and even better, they love to push each other. ;)

If we can remember to take the camera, I'll try to get some pictures of us out and about in Kyiv. I couldn't manage it with the girls by myself, but now there are extra hands!


Our mission said...

Glad to hear that Mark got there safely and now you have his support...its all down here now :) Hope you get the passports soon.
love, the Adamsons

Sarah Halter said...

We were out of town for a few days, so I'm just catching up on all your happenings - wow, what a week! Glad Mark is there now too. I totally understand how tp and other such things can make you lose it, especially when you're already in a situation with a lot of stressors.

Praying that everything else goes smoothly and that the Lord fills you with peace and grace. Also praying that His presence would bring healing and peace to your girls in all this tumult.

Love you all!

Tina said...

Oh, man. I am sooo glad Mark got there okay! By the way, you are an amazing blogger when you're traveling - how do you keep up with it?! SEE YOU GUYS SOON! Hugs from St. Louis!