Tuesday, March 01, 2011

In Donetsk

I arrived about an hour late this morning, and we did hit the ground running. First we went to the courthouse to get the court decree. We then went to the orphanage to get the girls' old birth certificates and then back to the social worker's building to get the birth certificate dossiers (a requirement in Donetsk). While there, they realized there was a mistake on the court decrees with Bianca's birthname, so we had to run back to the courthouse to get a few corrected copies.

After all of that was done, we drove to Donetsk to start the process for new birth certificates. We got Bianca's new birth certificate and then went to apply for her name to be changed on her tax ID code (like our social security numbers). The woman there had never done a name change on a tax ID for an adoption so it took TWO HOURS to change her name and get one quarter sheet of paper. So we weren't able to even start any of the documents for Julia. All of hers will (hopefully) happen tomorrow when we drive to Enakiev and Makiivka for her birth certificate and tax ID change. Long days, but so worth it!


Winnie said...

Is Enakiev sometimes spelled Yenakieve? If so that's where my little guy was born. Have fun there, I doubt the experience will be any faster.

Jean said...

So good to hear about your return trip so far. I think about you and wonder where you are and what you're doing--of course right now it's about 3am there, so hopefully you're sleeping :) Unfortunate that this was the 1st name change for that woman to do, but just think you're training her and for the next person it may only take 1.5 hours! Love hearing what's going on. I'm off Thursday--maybe we can Skype.

Love you! Mom

Mel said...

YAY!! Praying things go smoothly tomorrow too!!