Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Good and not-so-good

Sorry, I'm a bit behind again. There was supposed to be a post this weekend letting you know that our dossier is on its way to Ukraine. It's actually already in Ukraine and we're waiting for it to be delivered to our facilitator. In the meantime, Ukraine is having some political issues (to say the least) and no one knows how this may affect adoptions. I think it's our fault--every time we send our dossier over there they shut down. ;) So we'll keep you posted as we know more.

This weekend my mom came to visit and we went to see "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" (the musical). It was an interesting adaptation of the original movie with Steve Martin and Michael Caine, and it was fun, but I like the movie better. We managed to hit Bailey's Chocolate Bar too...yummy!! If you like chocolate, don't miss this place if you're in St Louis!

We also FINALLY made it to Mark's birthday surprise! I took him here. It was really cool and we got to hear the wolves howl. We want to go back during the day so we can see them as well.

And, as base ball (and baseball) gets going again, check out some video from Mark's game a few weeks ago. Yes, it was snowing, and yes, I was sitting outside watching the game. Don't ask about the ending to the video--the other team made this and I have no idea why it ends that way. You can see Mark at times 0:32-0:36, 2:06-2:13, and 2:34-2:37. I'm only visible at the very end--see if you can find me and my lavender hat. :) This isn't a phenomenal example of a vintage base ball game. There were a number of liberties taken due to the cold and it being a preseason warmup game (not much warming up happening), but they still played with no gloves and it couldn't have been above 35F. Brrr!

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Sarah Halter said...

Who knows if this is the case or not, but our God is certainly big enough to shut down the whole thing just so you get the kids that are just the ones he has for you at just the right time. Pretty incredible, though tough to be patient. Love you guys!