Monday, April 16, 2007

We made it!

We survived the weekend. I even managed to do a few loads of laundry along the way, and we threw in a trip to Alton, IL, for good measure (about 40 minutes away).

The musical went very well and we had a sold-out show on Saturday night. One more dress rehearsal and two more performances to go. It felt very weird last night not to be doing the show after six straight nights of it. I am happy to be back to our normal busy schedule for this week. And it is finally warming up again. We bought two blackberry plants at Lowe's a week ago as they were having a 75% off sale--how could we pass that up??--and then the weather promptly returned to winter. We've been growing blackberries in our bathroom for the past week. I had no idea you could actually do this, but since we bought them they have started blooming. This is pretty amazing considering the size of our bathroom and the lack of light. I've been watering them pretty much every day since they don't have much dirt to help hold the water in. I'm hoping to get those planted this week--I'm sure they would be happier in the ground than in our shower.

I've sent a document to our landlord to be signed and notarized, and I think we will wait to do all of the other notaries and apostilles until we get that document (the ones that had minor changes). We won't send the others until we have that one so we might as well wait. Hopefully we will get it in the next day or two.


Tami said...

I saw your comment on Beth's page and wanted to come over and check out your page. It looks like we're kind of at the same point in the paperchase. We live just over the Missouri line in Kansas. Just wanted to say hi!

Julie said...

Blackberries growing well in the bathroom... they must like the new paint job!

I love hearing your updates! I will continue to pray for your children.

Julie said...

It's me again...

Old friends of ours from Great Lakes are in the process of adopting a girl from Ethiopia. They've had some sruggles too. Then one day the husband said "we are building up the drama and setting the stage for His glory."

I loved his words and I thought of you guys.

If you're interested their blog is