Thursday, April 19, 2007


I would like to ask for your prayers for us. We have been presented with a situation that I am not able to give details for at this point, but please pray that we would have wisdom and that God would give us a definite answer. Don't worry, it's not anything bad--it's very good! We're just not sure at this point if this is what we need to do. Thanks, and I'll update you on this as soon as I can! :)


Julie said...

I'm praying and what I'm hearing is "Do it! Do it! Be cautious and aware, but do it!"

I don't know if it makes sense with your situation, but that's the feeling that I'm discerning right now. I'll keep praying!

Mark and Courtney said...

Thanks, Julie! We're tentatively heading in the "do it" direction, but there are a lot of issues we need to have addressed. Thanks for your prayers!! I have felt so much more at peace last night and today!