Friday, November 16, 2007

Dropping like flies

I don't know what's going around, but there's a lot of it in my office. Almost everyone is either sick now or has been in the last week or so. So...I'm bracing myself. :) And hoping I get the cold and not the stomach flu. Ugh.

I didn't end up painting at all last night, but I did program the contact phone numbers for both of the airlines we will be on into my cell phone. If there are any problems along the way I want to have a way to get in touch with someone quickly! I also entered contact information into our reservation (required--not sure why) although what I was really planning on doing was entering our passport information. It looked like that's what it wanted, but apparently not. I know I'll have to enter it when we check in. So painting will be for tonight, and I promise to post pictures once there's actually something worth looking at.

Last night I drove home and started laughing at our dumpster. Mark had filled it to the brim (he took out 77 boxes(!) of plaster yesterday) and then piled on some large pieces of molding. But the whole thing was covered over with the carpet from all of the rooms, which he had cut into thirds and folded over the dumpster. It was the tidiest-looking dumpster you've ever seen. I should probably mention that each of those 77 boxes weigh anywhere from 40-60 lbs. So yes, that was 77 trips up and down the stairs with an average of 50 lbs in his arms. God is definitely preparing us for the upcoming trip--and any necessary running through the airport with luggage and kids in tow...or in our arms!


diane said...

I just got a nasty bug too:( Anyway that Airborne stuff works pretty well if you take it when you are first feeling sick. I doesn't taste very good but it works! See you in a week.

Tami said...

Yuck! We've got the stuff going around our office too. I got the flu shot and then two days later came down with the cold. Hopefully I'm covered.
Have fun with the painting project. It sounds adorable and I can't wait to see the pics!

Julie said...

I'm an Airborne believer :)

I can totally picture you guys hanging out at an airport with two or so little tykes. Cute picture in my mind.