Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More water, please

Last night the boys had their first swimming lesson. We had signed Dima up but weren't sure if Zhenya was really ready, so they told us to bring him and he could try it and then sign up if he liked it. They both LOVED it!

Their classes are at the YMCA not too far from our house, and they have 8 kids in their class with 2 instructors. They worked on kicking, swimming on their stomachs with a kickboard, swimming on their backs with a kickboard, "floating" on their backs supported by the instructors (most of the kids wouldn't put their heads down so they weren't really floating), and jumping into the pool and being caught by the instructors. They both had a great time and did really well listening and obeying (they didn't listen and obey the whole time, but they were right on target with the rest of the class!). We enrolled Zhenya after the class so we have a few more weeks of swim lessons for both of them. Zhenya's not as comfortable as Dima in the water, so while I think Dima will actually gain some skills from this class, we're hoping this will help Zhenya learn to enjoy being in the water more. He doesn't dislike it now, he just isn't entirely sure about it. :)

Of course, 2 minutes into their class I realized I hadn't brought the camera, so I'll try and get some pics next week!

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DoveFamily said...

Hope swim lessons are still going well. We start next Monday, and William is so excited!