Saturday, February 14, 2009

The promised pictures

These are the two other mantels that you hadn't seen yet, mainly because they were lying down on their sides. Mark moved both of them--by himself!--and reattached them to the wall. Do I have the most amazing husband or what?

The one on the left has its missing cabinet door, which is intact, but one side of the cabinet door frame is cracked so until Mark can fix it it's better off unattached. The box in the picture of the mantle on the right contains the missing tiles from the front of the fireplace. Those will get fixed eventually too. :)

Today the boys helped Mark build a new front fence. Mark is rebuilding it as the old one was falling down. Most of the fence boards he is using for the new one are recycled from the old one.
Okay, I have to explain this picture. The boys were waiting for Mark to finish cutting so that they could help him nail in the fence slats. Here, Zhenya is waving his hammer in the air and yelling and giving "manly" grunts. Who knew testosterone kicked in at age 5??

Dima hammering

Zhenya hammering
(Please forgive the poor hammering technique--we're working on that. ;))

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Tami said...

Lookin' good! The fireplaces look amazing and those boys are going to have the front fence put together in no time. You've got great helpers there! :)