Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on the house

I'm just going to have to make a list...


--Four of our radiators are cracked and need to be replaced. There was one major leak--a 3" hole causing a waterfall down the inside of one wall. We are going to have quite a large bill for the HVAC guy, as they charge $83/hour! We've decided to go into HVAC as our next careers.
--We still have quite a bit of HVAC work to do.
--The plumbing is not complete, and there is some apparent confusion over what else the plumber is responsible for (we personally think, based on the bid, quite a bit).
--We are NOT going to be moving into the house by the end of the month as we had hoped and planned.
--The contractor who was supposed to be fixing our pocket doors has vanished and taken a bolt we need with him.
--Mark found a large slab of concrete in the backyard which is preventing him from putting in the necessary fenceposts for the back fence.


--We have heat! It's a balmy 68 degrees in the "big house," as we refer to it (which is warmer than we keep the house we currently live in).
--We have water, electric, and gas utilities up and running.
--We still have a house to live in.
--Mark has reinstalled all of the mantles and they are gorgeous! Pics hopefully coming soon...
--Mark has put in fenceposts for the front fence and hopefully will have that finished in the next few days.
--Now that we have heat we can patch the many cracks in the plaster walls as well as several holes that were created to repair said waterfall above. And we can paint!
--Did I mention we have heat?? :) :)


Bethany said...

Oh, dear. Some of those negatives are pretty negative! But, you have heat and can paint soon (one of my favorite things, and our Valentine's present to each other this year.) Good luck getting all the rest of it worked out!

Courtney said...

It could always be worse! We're happy we have several working radiators that give off enough heat to make things functional for now. And we have heat in most of the bedrooms (all of the ones we would be using)!