Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on boys

The boys did great with me gone (in fact, I'm thinking we might need to make this a regular occurrence--just kidding, Mark! ;)). They had good days at school and mostly good evenings with Mark. They expend a lot of energy to obey at school so it's a little harder at night when they're tired. ;) We talked on the phone every night, and they knew where I was as they have visited my mom's house, too.

It was a great trial run to see how the boys do without one of us, but there are still a lot of reasons that I'm not keen on leaving them with anyone else for an extended time (for, oh say, an adoption?). We are still working on behaviors that require close supervision and discipline, and I'm not sure I'm willing to dump that on someone else. LOL

Yesterday Dima came home from school sick--more or less. He had a fever and was a little lethargic. Mark had him all day, and ibuprofen brought his fever down without a problem. He fell asleep at 4:45 and I let him sleep until dinner. When I woke him up for dinner he originally said he wanted to go back to sleep, but then changed his mind after he had his pajamas on and decided to eat dinner instead. He went to bed right after dinner and slept well all night, and was fever free this morning. So we sent him to school. LOL

Seriously, there are two reasons we went ahead and sent him to school. One: he has spiked a fever like this once before, and I think it's due to dehydration. He had no other symptoms outside of the fever and said he felt fine this morning. He hasn't been drinking a lot but has been very active at school. Two: today is their class Valentine's Day party. The boys have never participated in Valentine's Day as they weren't in school at this time last year. Since it's a once-a-year event, I hate to have him miss out on exchanging Valentines with his classmates (I don't care so much about the party). Mark had him drink a few glasses of water this morning--we'll see if he makes it through the day.

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