Friday, February 13, 2009

Update on the adoption

We have our redone, new medical forms and I think they are correct. ;) We're both waiting on our new and improved employment letters. Mine is supposed to be coming through interoffice mail and Mark is searching for a way to get his notarized as they don't have a notary at work. As soon as we have those documents, we will be taking everything to be apostilled and sent to Ukraine. Do you feel like you've heard that before??

Every day I am more anxious to get to the girls. Two little girls in an orphanage in Ukraine who were featured on Reece's Rainbow died as a result of flu (Margarita and Katerina). Meredith posted a beautiful tribute to them on her blog. I am so thankful that it was not our two, but I know how quickly illness can strike over there with a lack of nutrition and often little to no medical care. However, I also know that our girls are in a good orphanage and most importantly are in God's hands. He will bring us all together at just the right time.

And we have over $1200 in the girls' adoption fund!! Thank you thank you thank you!! :) :)


Debbie said...

Wonderful that you're moving forward! Thanks for all the updates. What do you mean by new and improved employment letters? We suddenly have new direction, but it's really sketchy. I will e-mail!

Hold on, girls...we're all coming!

Journey to our Ukrainian Angel said...

The girls are in a pretty good orphanage. Praying for you guys! I can't WAIT for Eve to walk up to YOU and say "Mama, paka paka!"