Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy birthday, Dima!

He's 7!!

We celebrated Dima's birthday over the course of about 3 days, which he loved. He got to pick where we went one afternoon and he choose the Science Center (day 1). It was the girls' first time there with the boys and I think I was a little crazy to take 4 children to the Science Center in the middle of the afternoon. We did all survive, and the boys actually did a great job listening and obeying. I let them go down to the lower level by themselves while the girls and I watched from the balcony since the girls were afraid of the dinosaurs. The boys stayed in sight the whole time and came upstairs when I motioned to them. I was very proud of them!

Dima choose to go to CiCi's Pizza for his birthday (another first for the girls--day 2). All of the kids did really well and the girls loved being able to choose what they ate. We also had cupcakes (day 3) at Dima's request instead of a cake.

Dima is very proud of being 7 years old. I had a lot of fun with his handwriting on his birthday as I gave him a bunch of sentences like "Yesterday I was six years old." "Today I am 7 years old." "Tomorrow I will eat cupcakes." I try to give him sentences for handwriting that he can also read to me. He enjoys that and it's good practice for him.

I am now the proud mama of a 7, 5, 5, and 3 year old, but only for another month!

Pictures of the birthday boy!


Pi Princess said...

So fun! Happy Birthday, Dima!!

The Flying Eagle said...

Happy Birthday Dima!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina said...

Happy Birthday to Dima! You are a wonderful mama, Courtney. The kids are so blessed to have you and Mark. And vice versa, of course!

Tami said...

Happy Birthday Dima! Sounds like a great way to celebrate. ;) I, too, am the mom of virtual twins. Starting in August I'll be the proud mom of kids who are 11, 8, 8, and 5! It lasts about three months and I just LOVE it when people ask if Anya and Nick are twins. The look on their face when I say 'No', is hilarious! :)