Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surgery postponed

We were supposed to get a call today telling us what time Emily's surgery would be tomorrow. Instead, we received a phone call that she is not having surgery tomorrow because the ENT surgeon is not available. So why did we have surgery scheduled for tomorrow if he's not available??

Her surgery is now scheduled for next Thursday (July 2) first thing in the morning. This will probably work out to be better timing for us anyway.

I thought I'd throw in a list of "words" that I can understand out of Emily if she's in another room and I can't see her. No one outside of the family would be able to understand any of these except "mama," but it's pretty cute to hear her say them and realize how quickly she is picking up on words and intonations. :)

McKinley, stop! (our dog)
Go bathroom
Go away
Help, please


Christine said...

It will be here soon enough. Hope all goes well.

adoptedthree said...

Oksana talked in M's and vowels only. It was actually very cute. I wish now I had tapped her talking more :(